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​EyeLash FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I best maintain my extensions?

  • Most importantly, avoid any water contact for at least 12 hours after your session. Then for the next 48 hours, avoid extreme heat, steam rooms/hot saunas, and swimming. Avoid using mascara, eyelash curlers and oil-based products on the extensions, as well as perming or tinting the extensions. Gently remove any eye makeup with oil-free remover and cleansers, preferably using a q-tip. Avoid rubbing your eyes, and use an eyelash comb to brush away any stray lashes.

2. What is a refill and how often should I get refills?

  • Refill is a touchup process recommended for those who prefer having full lashes at all times. During a refill session, the technician removes any extensions that have grown out and thoroughly clean the remaining extensions and natural lashes. Then, new extensions are applied to healthy lashes, resulting in a full set once again. Refills are recommended from every two to three weeks for maintenance. It is recommended that you take a break and come back for a new set every few months.

3. Do refills make my lashes fall off more?

  • Refills are done with following the same procedure and technique as a new set, which means getting refills do not make your lashes fall out quicker. If you have any questions about your extensions or natural lashes falling out more than usual, we would recommend that you give us a call or speak with one of our technicians for more detailed explanations.

4. Why are my natural lashes falling off?

  • The more often you get your extensions refilled, you will notice that some extensions will fall out attached to your natural lashes. This is a very natural cycle, where your grown-out eyelashes are discarded and new eyelashes grow in place of them. By the time you return for a refill or a new set, the baby eyelashes will grow to be healthy eyelashes that can firmly hold the lash extensions. Sometimes, your natural lashes may thin out due to the adhesive used for the extensions as it will keep your eyelashes dry. The technicians may suggest taking a break one in awhile to allow your eyelashes to restore its health.

5. What are the side effects?

  • First side effect is the redness in your eyes at the end of an extensions session. This is due to the adhesive used, which is applied very closely to your eyes. The adhesive may sting or dry your eyes while it’s in effect. However, this is a minor side effect as it will go away within minutes post your session. If you have sensitive eyes, you can always ask the technician to apply the extensions far from the roots of your eyelashes. Another side effect is an allergic reaction to the adhesive used to apply the extensions. Although we only use hypoallergenic glue that has been tested safe, there are rare allergic reactions to some of the ingredients to the glue. If you have severe allergies, please inform the technician before the session begins.

6. What happens if I get an allergic reaction?

  • The first step is to inform the technician as they will recommend the medication that should be taken. The next step is to get the extensions removed professionally by a technician. Do not attempt to remove them on your own. Once the two steps are taken, your eyes will recover in no time. Please be advised that we cannot be liable for any allergic reaction to the glue and refunds cannot be made—please advise the receptionist or the technician before your session begins.

7. Why does it feel uncomfortable?

  • Just like everything else, the first time always needs time to get adjusted to. As the extensions are applied very close to your eyes using adhesive, your eyes may feel tight for the first few days. Soon, the extensions will loosen and the discomfort should disappear. With days, your eyelashes will grow out, allowing the extensions to feel very light and comfortable.

8. Why does it give off a stinging sensation?

  • The stinging or burning is due to the sensitivity in eyes. As the adhesive used is hypoallergenic, it is a safe glue, which also means it is a slow-drying glue. Initially, the glue will take some time to dry, and depending on the thickness of your cornea epidermal, you may or may not have a burning sensation. However, this sensation is not one which should last too long.

9. How do I get the extensions removed?

  • The best option is to allow the extensions to fall out on its own, but if you must have them removed, we will always recommend you to get them removed professionally. Any eyelash extensions salon will remove the extensions with a specific technique and use a remover specified for removing lash extensions. Do not attempt to remove them on your own. Also, do not pull on the extensions as such actions can bring damage to your natural eyelashes, including but not limited to resulting in weaker lashes, shorter lashes, and gaps between your eyelashes.

Refill Schedule


1 Week Refill

1~8 Days


2 Week Refill

9~15 Days


2.5 Week Refill

16~19 Days

3 Week Refill

20~22 Days


3.5 Week Refill

23~26 Days



After 26 days


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